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The #1 source for T-rex, Belt Cp, Mini, Micro and Nano helicopter scale fuselages. Selling the most variety scale bodies for the T-rex/Mini Micro and Nano size RC Helicopters


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 Email Darthdrk@juno.com 

Ask about return buyer discounts


 Note: All fuselages and kits are made to order if you haven't the patients to wait, please do not place order. Turn around time is based on what my work load is at the time of your order and usually Im in the process of making many bodies for standing orders, so some patients must be exercised. Im glad to offer this service for the RC community .  Thank you for understanding.

Worldwide shipping available


RC Heli Forums I visit and Hangout at

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Welcome to my website. Feel free to browse around. If you are interested in a preassembled and or prefinished fuselage contact me at Darthdrk@juno.com 


Dont wanna build or paint, Let me do it. Prebuild and finishing service is now available on 450 size fuselages as of (Mar 23, 09) Email me for quote (May be limited open time frame)

Available:  Cool scale bodies for Walkera 4#3, 5g6 and simular size helicopters  (4G3 scales are in the works)

Trades: At the moment Im open to trading. Im looking for Blade Cxs or Esky Lama V4s,Esky King2s, Walkera 4#3, and 450 size helis and parts.  You may have a heli youre not flying due to having to many or lack of interest, Mabey youve moved up to a 450 size heli from a King2 or CX and you may wanna go scale. Put that unused or unwanted heli to some use by trading it or partial trading for a scale body you desire. Most traded Items go into Research and developement for new products.(Does not have to be in pristine condition)  Contact me at Darthdrk@juno.com

Notice: I will be giving items part numbers soon which may make it easier and less confusing when ordering