Corona Canopies and bodies, ECO 8, Micro Coaxial

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Heres pic of whats in production

Canopies and fuselages available for the LMH Helis and micro helicopter

Shipping price is for US orders. International orders will cost more to ship

LMH- Gas 100-117 and Corona(electric) If it will fit the gas models it will fit the electric Corona also.

Micro- Helis such as the piccolo, aerofly, hummingbird, etc...

Any questions cantact me at Phone number 901-840-4851

This list has been updated Oct 13, 04 these are the current prices

Multiple bodies per order, shipping charges will be adjusted  

How to order: Add Kit price and shipping (US orders) and paypal total to via Https://  Include item description and exact mailing address.

International orders email me at for shipping quote

Note: all bodies come unfinished, unpainted and unassembled

Attention: The scale LMH/corona bodies will also fit the T-rex and other 450 size helicopters such as the Belt Cp/MX400



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Comming soon LAMA4, BCX, Coaxial WASP Body ------->

Now available "Wasp" Coaxial body $29.99 plus shipping

AS350 A Star for LMH $ 59.99 shipping $ 8.00

Clear PETG Hughes 300C V2 canopy $ 34.99 plus $ 6.00 shipping

LMH Hughes 500D & E V-3 Littlebird/Defender $ 69.99 and $ 8.00 shipping $ 79.99 for PETG

LMH/Eolo/450 Canopy design#1 $15.00 Styrene $21.00 PETG $6.00 shipping

(LMH / EOLO/450) Canopy design#2 available $ 15.00 Styrene ( PETG $ 21.00 ) plus $ 6.00 shipping

Now available Corona/LMH A109/119 Styrene $ 49.99 PETG $ 59.99 plus $ 8.00 shipping (US)

New: EC135 for LMH/Corona ( $ 69.99 ) plus US Shipping $ 8.00 Shown installed on Belt CP 450 size helicopter

New Canopy: Eco 8,16, Corona, Eolo, Ballistic Tech Styrene $ 20.00 plus $ 6.00 shipping

"Alien" Canopy for BT airframes $ 10.00 Styrene $ 13.00 PETG Shipping to US addresses $ 6.00

Available now: Blade CX, XRB/Housefly/Clones Body KA-50, 50-2, 52 ( new: clear window kit included )$ 42.00 a set (1 main body 3 noses) $ 6.00 shipping (US)

Drone CX fuselage $10.00 plus $6.00 shipping