Honeybee King 2 AXE CP Bodies

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King2 and AXE CP compatible fuselages

Over the past year I have tested quite a few on my Fuselages on the King2 and AXE Cp helicopters. I am happy to report there are some 450 size heli fuselages and some micro size heli fuselages that will fit the the King 1-2 and AXE cp helicopters. Other helis that are simular in size is the Zoom and Shogun. As a note about these helicopters the king2 tailboom is shorter than that of the Zoom and AXE Cp which is about an inch difference.

Micro Heli bodies that will fit the King2: Jet Ranger, BO-105, AS-350, EC-145, UH-1H and UH-1N Hueys, Mi-24 Hind, AH-64, Airwolf, Bell222, Koala 119, and Hughes 300C  

T-rex/450 size bodies that will work with the King2: H-5 dragonfly, Augusta A109, UH-1 Huey, MI-24 Hind

Some modifications may be a need for helis with elevated tailrotors

450 size A109

King2 shown here mounted in the A109.


AS-350 King 2 in Micro Heli fuselage

The micro A-Star Fits nicely on the king 2, so much so I decided to make landing gear exits molded into the fuselage for the king 2 

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Hughes 500D and E $43.00

MD500 fuselage for the King, AXE cp size helis. (Not the same size as the 450 or Micro heli fuselage) Styrene body and comes with clear windshield kit.

Complete scale like MD500 landing gear available $14.99 assembled (does not come automatically with kit) 

Sikorsky S-76

King2 in the S-76. built for the T-rex size helis, The fuselage flies well on the King2 chassis. Using for the elevated tail rotor is the AXE CP tailmotor, housing and rotor. The motor mount is glued into the tailfin using hot melt glue gun. Works great 

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