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Please Note that Landing gear does not come with fuselages. Most kits does include diagram to make wheeled landing gear platforms for wheeled fuselages. Only the scale landing gear is available for the Hughes 500 Fuselages.

How to order: Add Kit price and shipping (US orders) and paypal total to Darthdrk@juno.com via Https://www.paypal.com  Include item description and exact mailing address.

Shipping fee is $7.00 for US and Canadian single orders unless otherwise noted. 

International orders email me at Darthdrk@juno.com for shipping quote

Note: all bodies come unfinished, unpainted and unassembled

Custom landing gears not included with Kits.

Pricing is subject to change

These fuselages are known to fit the T-rex 450x, xl, sa, se both HDE and CDE, Ark 450, MX400/450, Walkera 60,36, Zoom, Shogun, Revo, Esky Belt CP, Thunder Tiger Mini Titan 325, Eflite blade 400, EXI 450, Copter X 450, HK 450  and many other such like and simular size RC helicopters


Defender add on package $15.99

Defender add on package for the MD500D will include the molded TADS/TOW Optical sight and rocket and missle pods

Sikorsky CH-53 450 $89.99

CH-53 This is a pre-release fuselage. At the moment all paperwork isnt completed but there will be generic assembly instructions available. A chassis platform must be made to get chassis/mechanics positioned at the right height. A simple platform can be constructed with 1/8 Lite Ply. Fuselage goes together really simple. No hardware is included.  

SA-341 Gazelle

Kit Options

Landing gear included

BK-117 450

Kit options

Sample Photo 6

Brief Description

Sikorsky S-76 $59.99

New release, now available

Fuselage weight ready to paint average 115 grams

Sikorsky Skycrane

Sikorsky Skycrane. New and in developement

Blue Thunder 450

Kit Options

 New Blue Thunder 450 Landing gear included

New CH-34 Choctaw (S-58)

Kit options

Sample Photo 11

Brief Description

Sample Photo 12

Brief Description

Sample Photo 13

Brief Description