Building tips ( Pg 2 )

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Fuselage/Canopy mounting ideas

Heres a pic of some carbon rods being used as fuselage/canopy mounting points.




Carbon tube

Heres a pic with a carbon tube and spring clip being used also

Fuselage seams and flanges

Dont want to go the screw route ? Try this method: Some bodies are molded with a glue flange on one of the halves of the molded parts. If not, you will have to glue on what is called a glue flange. Once a glue flange is established, you can glue on another strip as seen in the pics so that you now have a channel in which the opposite half of the fuselage can fit into. To make sliding the opposite fuse half into the channel easier, offset the top glued on strip a little to allow opposite edge of fuselage half easier to work into slot.

Jet Ranger rear upper fuselage

The rear upper and lower rear portions of the Jet ranger fuselage with the channel technique. This technique will work with all fuselages. and also tailbooms.  When painting be sure to hold the fuselage together with a piece of tape placed on the inside of the fuselage. After paint has dried and fuselage is mounted, A small strip of clear scotch tape can be stratigically placed to hold the fuselage together.